Cake Pops & Whoopie Pies at Starbucks

This week Starbucks launches it’s new range of Petites. The website boasts that they are free from artificial colors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fat.

The range consists of a sparkle pop, almond pop, rocky road pop, red velvet whoopie pie and chocolate whoopie pie. I didn’t see the chocolate whoopie at the store by Monument but they did have a little chocolate and raspberry square and one other item near the cake pops.
For once us people in the UK don’t have to wait! They were launched at the same time as the US. The offer for UK is a free Petite with voucher that would have been emailed to you if you have a registered Starbucks card. Today (March 10) only though so be fast!

I chose a sparkle pop. I can’t resits sparkles. I preferred the whoopie pie over this. The sprinkles and chocolate were nice. The chocolate wasn’t too thick and the sprinkles gave it a nice little crunch when I bit into it.

I wasn’t a fan of the cake inside. It was really moist, almost wet (however, Anne thought they were just moist enough. I shall have to try another one now). I couldn’t tell what kind of cake it was really. I think a little less frosting mixed in with the cake would have made it better.

I also got a red velvet whoopie pie. I quite liked the whoopie pie. I could tell the middle was cream cheese frosting. The cake was a little chewey but I kinda liked it! It’s never going to be as good as getting a fresh pie from a bakery but for £1.30 I didn’t think it was that bad. I liked the red chocolate drizzle on top too.

I had low expectations going in and these have exceeded them. A decent little cake when you want a little something with your latte.

Each petite was £1.30 when I used my Starbucks card. There were offers for buying more than one.
What does everyone think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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  1. I heart cupcakes

    Snap we got the exact same items! I really liked the cake pop – mine wasn't at all wet so either I got lucky or you got unlucky! I linked to your post so people could read about your wet one!
    Bankside didn't have the chocolate whoopie either – I'll check one of the West End ones at the weekend!

  2. Star Bakery

    I had the almond one which was pretty yummy – the nuts on the outside add a nice crunch and although the cake was a little crumbly I'd buy one again.

    Like you I didn't love the sparkle pop but I think that's because I couldn't place the cake flavour??

  3. Cupcake Kelly

    @Star Bakery – I'm going to try the almond or rocky road this weekend and see if I like it better! I thought I read that they were all vanilla cake inside??

  4. I've tried the red velvet whoopie pie its so good but the one I had definitely had too much cream cheese!

  5. It's nice to have whoopie pies here in Vancouver. We have so little whoopie pie, and cupcakeries. Mmmmm. I am planning to go to the UK for a little sweet getaway with the puppy. :) Mmmm….


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