Cake Pops at Harrods

Exactly one year ago today I went to Harrods to try one of their new whoopie pies. It was one of my first blog posts and it’s also the number one post with the most visitors! I thought it would be fun to go back and try another one to see if they had changed at all.

I got to the bakery case and saw that they now also had cake pops! Even better! I went for one cake pop and one whoopie pie.

I chose a Strawberry & Pistachio cake pop. At £2.25 I think it’s the most expensive cake pop I’ve ever had! It’s pretty darn cute though. The little hearts are drawn on, not sprinkles. The outside coating is white chocolate. I was also excited to see such an exciting flavor combination.

I was trying to take a picture of it and it wasn’t staying on the stick very well because it’s actually two cake halves made from a mold. The cake was pistachio and the center was filled with strawberry frosting! The cake was good and moist but didn’t have much flavor. I couldn’t taste any pistachio at all. The center was light and had a lovely strawberry flavor.

I might be tempted to try another one since I really liked the “surprise” in the middle, but due to the filling there wasn’t actually much cake on the stick.

Last time I had a Mango & Lime whoopie pie. This time they only had three kinds to chose from and only in one size.

I chose a Red Velvet whoopie pie with peanut butter filling, £2.50. I think it’s a fun idea of putting a classic American filling inside a classic American cake. It also had a pink glaze on the top but same as last time the boxes they pack them in are too small and the glaze all came off on the lid.

The filling is a really perfect light peanut butter swiss meringue buttercream/marshmallow type frosting. The cake part is not very good. It’s the wrong consistency and tastes as flat and dense as it looks. It has potential but as the whoopie pies haven’t changed since they launched I doubt they will improve.

I think next time I’ll stick with a cake pop!

P.S Thanks to the person at Google with a sweet tooth for choosing me as the Blog of Note for April 6th!

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  1. BusyBrissyMama

    Mmmm. My kind of person. I would of found it hard to resist all of these sweet treats!

  2. JadeHeartz

    MMmm pistachio and strawberry cakepops sounds yumm. So much for the cake part in cake pops right?

  3. Mmm… It look delicious! 😉

    I add to followers and I invite to my blog:

  4. Hillary

    Wow, those all look amazing! It's so funny, I feel like cake pops have popped up everywhere I look in the last few months.

  5. Great post!
    I LOVE the cake pops in Starbucks! I might treat myself the next time I go out :)

  6. Felicity!

    Holy crap! They both look so yummy! You're blog is very bad for my diabetic blood :p x

  7. Dancing Through Life

    I love your blog! Great pictures and lovely posts, maybe you could send the people at harrods a recipe to better their cakes!

  8. Katherine Rodríguez

    Yees! I agree with '' Dancing Through Life''
    I love your blog and all.

    But the photos were taken in Harrods? Because I went last Summer to London and I went to Harrods and it was forbiden T.T

  9. Cupcake Kelly

    @Katherine the cake case is always the busiest so they didn't say anything! There was a case with some fancy chocolates that had a sign that said no photographs though

    @hilary – I think that cake pops are a lot more popular now too. they seem to be getting a little more inventive as well, which I like!

  10. Just came back from London. Visited Harrods while we were there. :)

  11. yummmm… totally delicious.. the best element of the cake pops are the surprise in the middle as u have put it 😀

  12. ah i want to try cake pops so bad ! they look so yummy. great blog, i am following you now :)

  13. Surviving the Journey of Life

    You are out to steal my heart with this blog by combining two of my favorite things…London, England and Cupcakes. In the entire world my favorite place to be is London. I love reading through the recipes and even the decision making process of what to eat. Though my sweet tooth is now in overload.

    Oh how I miss the Harrod's Food Hall! Especially close to Christmas!


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