Brick Lane Cupcake Round Up

I don’t go to Brick Lane very often, I’m more of a Soho girl (pretty bad since I live in the same borough as Brick Lane). Brick Lane has some pretty unusual stuff. If you’re looking for Vegetarian Ethiopian Food or hip clothing than this is the place to go.

My visit was for a reason a little less exotic. I’d been dying to visit a few of the cupcake places that are over there now and I also managed to find some new places.

Kooky Bakes is the first place I walked by. At the Sunday Up Market. I wish I’d walked by it last. The Apple Tart Tatin cupcake I bought (above) was amazing! I’m gutted that I didn’t buy a whoopie as well.
One of the whoopie flavors was Carmel Apple
I found Ms. Cupcake next. I had just sampled her delights at Cupcake Camp London but they’re so good that I needed another one!
Her new Cuppca Cupcake. Perfect for on the go!
It got squished in my bag on the way home. This is a cookies n cream cupcake. I haven’t eaten it yet (even I can’t eat 3 whole cupcakes in one sitting!) but it smells great. UPDATE: I’ve had 4 different flavors from Ms. Cupcake and this is by far my favorite.
Lastly I visited Yummy Boutique. Lisa was the special guest speaker at my first cupcake meet up. I was gutted she didn’t have any whoopie pies today. I chose a simple Strawberry Milkshake cupcake.
Also got squished in my bag. But it was very nice. I don’t know how she does it but it was really light and it tasted like a Strawberry Milkshake from McDonald’s.
Last is The Sweet Tooth Factory. I didn’t get anything this time but it came recommended.
I liked this street name
I really liked this stand. It only had freshly squeezed juice. It looked like a rainbow.

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  1. Tower Hamlets – very reasonable council tax rates 😉

  2. I heart cupcakes

    Kooky Bakes is fabulous isn't he? I love his stuff.
    And you can't go wrong with Yummy and Ms Cupcake. I had a divine coconut whoopie from Yummy at Partridges – if its whoopies you're after you're best going there as they don't do cupcakes there just whoopies and other cakes

  3. Cupcake Kelly

    I'm not sure she's at Patridges anymore? She couldn't do cupcakes there as the other 2 stalls that sell them complained!

    I can't waitl till Ms. Cupcake opens her shop :)

  4. Cupcake Crazy Gem

    That's interesting about the chocolate in India – all the groceries here are imported from the U.S so it's all American made chocolate. I use dairy milk usually for my rocky road because it's a no bake fridge dessert, and I don't like the taste of dark chocolate…I always obv use dark chocolate in baking because the richness bakes out but it would be inedible to me if I used a chocolate with a higher cocoa content for my rocky road. I've tried Ghiradelli's, it's okay…but for me it's nothing compared to a nice slab of dairy milk, or a piece of toblerone, or mint aero…or some lindor balls! Oh how I'm craving the chocolate back home right now lol…I'm so jealous you went to Kooky Bakes, their stuff looks amazing! I've wanted to try it for ages!