Bake-a-Boo! I See You!

The Jubilee line was FINALLY open this weekend so I grabbed the chance to get myself up to North London and visit Bake-a-Boo. I’ve been meaning to get up there for ages. It wasn’t a particullary nice day so I enjoyed my cup of tea, treats and trashy magazine for an hour at Bake-a-Boo.
Overall, it reminded me of The Chelsea Teapot. I really liked that it was cute and cosy inside. The prices are also VERY reasonable. I had a slice of cake, a cupcake a pot of tea and took one cupcake home for Alex for £7.20 (remember that ONE cake at Cox was a staggering £4). The girl serving me did kinda change the tone of her voice when she asked if I was having both the cake and the cupcake to eat right then (I can eat all the cake I like thank you very much).

Everything served on cute mis-matched china

I got a slice of white chocolate cake. It was very good. The cake was nice and spongy (very British type of cake) and I really liked the white chocolate. Nice change from just regular chocolate.

I tried a blueberry and passion fruit dairy free and wheat free cupcake as well. This wasn’t my favorite. I was a little disappointed they only had one kind of regular cupcake on offer and about 4 or 5 free from varieties.
The cake was too dry and the icing was too thick and way too sweet. I’m not an expert on these kinds of cakes but I had a gluten free cupcake at Mrs. Marengos and it was better than this one.

I got a chocolate free from cupcake for Alex since he adheres to a no dairy low gluten diet. He devoured it before I could even smell it. He said it had a nice chocolate flavor but lacked umph.
Bake-a-Boo is definitely a fun place and you can get your cupcake fix for a reasonable price. I think next time I’ll book in for an afternoon tea. it looked really nice.

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