Six Fun Apps


I thought I’d take a break from baking and share my favorite apps that I have on my phone. Hopefully some or at least one will be new to you. I picked a few silly games and apps that are a little out there! I have never owned an iphone so I can’t attest that these are available or works well but they all work great on my Samsung Note 4. Don’t forget that amazon offers an app of the day for free. Sometimes it’s a premium version of a game.

Donut Dog 

This is the first app that I downloaded when I finally got a real smartphone a few years back. This is a widget so won’t display on an iphone. All it does is display how much battery life is left in the form of donuts on a wiener dog but it’s fun since you can change the color of the dog and pick your donuts. The dog also says things in English that don’t make any sense. Free.


Weather Whiskers

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Cats telling us about the weather (meh, Cloudz, time 4 nap). Android version has a widget which you can see above. Free with option to buy other wallpapers.



I can’t get enough of this game. It’s completely dumb and there’s absolutely no logic to it. You have to prevent stuff from blowing up. The levels are not consistent. What works in one level will get you blown up in the next. It’s just a shame that there are only 4 levels in “Storybook” mode but you can play Endless or DLC mode for more fun.  I have have the $2.99 version but there is also a free Lite.



I haven’t actually figured out how to play this game yet! It’s 100% in Japanese but I get the gist it’s pretty easy to follow. From what I can understand you need to lure the cats to your rice garden :) Also Free.


Candy Camera

I bet teenage girls use this to edit their selfies :p I was tired of the current camera app I have installed. You can edit photos in classic or selfie mode. The selfie mode filters are pretty silly but the options like mosaic are fun. Once you add filters you can change the light, frames, add decorations or add stickers.



Clean Master

Boring but practical. I installed this app on my tablet. It’s several years old and was running really slow when trying to read e cookbooks. I almost went and bought a new one but decided to try this app first. My tablet is preforming much better! Be careful it sometimes suggests clearing out your photos as “junk”.

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