Lactation Cookies

Lactation Cookies

I love my little koala bear and he keeps me pretty busy. I’m pretty much on my feet running around taking care of his laundry, endlessly putting his pacifier back in his mouth or keeping the house clean. We do spend a ton of time on the sofa watching Netflix while I feed him. I have watched every single episode of American Dad and I’m currently on House.

The last few weeks I had to buy the little guy some formula. He’d cry he was hungry right after his feedings. I never thought in a million years that I would make something called lactation cookies…but for that little adorable face I’ll try anything.

Lactation Cookies

I bought mother’s milk tea, eat oatmeal for breakfast and even added the disguesting tasting brewers yeast to my smoothies. Not sure yet if it’s working.

Don’t worry if you’re not interested in babies I’ve got regular cakes and desserts coming :p I used the recipe from I am Baker. I used whole flax seeds instead of ground flax seeds.

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