Vermont Cupcakes and Treats
Second stop on the New England tour was Vermont! Early October was perfect to see the foliage.

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Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

I went to visit my sister in Manchester, New Hampshire which was the beginning of a two-week cupcake adventure! Manchester has its own brand new cupcakery, Queen City Cupcakes.

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Chin Chin Labs
It’s was blisteringly hot in London over Easter and with all the bank holidays I finally got around to all the places on my “to eat” list!

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Apple Cinnamon Ebelskivers

I made these for breakfast on Boxing Day. The apple cinnamon compote in the middle takes a little time but it is so worth it. Almost better than eating apple pie!If you don’t have an Ebelskiver pan don’t worry. The filling for these would taste great on any kind of pancake or waffle. You could use it to jazz up some Ego’s too! We ran out of maple syrup so I had mine with vanilla ice cream

Ebelskivers are Danish pancakes that were traditionally filled with jam and served at holidays or celebrations. The ones of today are versatile and filled with sweet or savory items.

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Lemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt
This recipe is inspired by the gelato I had in Milan, a recipe from the TOTAL Greek Yogurt site and my visit to Gelato Mio workshop last week.
I made the frozen yogurt with double cream this time instead of whipping cream (click here for strawberry frozen yogurt). The whipping cream in my opinion gave a more ice cream like taste and the double cream gave it a creamy mousse taste. Chose whichever you prefer.
This frozen yogurt/mousse is really easy and quick to make. There are only about 3 steps!

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