Welcome Oskar


Welcome my little cupcake Oskar to the world! He was born on February 5th at 8.04am in the morning weighing 6 lbs 7 oz. He was amazingly born on his due date. His dad is Swiss so it’s very fitting that he’s prompt.


Happy Bird Photography

Not to be all TMI but I had a pretty easy labor. I was really worried about the pushing part for the whole 9 months but really the worse part was the 2 days after (pretty painful). Thanks to an epidural and a fairly short (for a first baby) 11 hour labor I didn’t actually feel any pain. My water broke at home and my contractions started fast at the hospital. The little guy even came out sunny side up!


Happy Bird Photography

So my little peanut turned 1 month old already! I wanted to share a few snapshots of him. We used an amazing photographer for his newborn shots, Leslie from Happy Bird Photography. I highly reccomend her if you live in Nashville.

Birthday Boy 1

I can’t believe in one month how much he’s grown and how much we both love him :)

The fuzzy hair on the top of his head fell out and now he’s my little old man baby!

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  1. Congratulations Kelly! He is so cute – I hope he grows up to be as good a baker as his mum :)