Truvia Voyage of Discovery

Today I went to the unveiling of the Truvia Voyage of Discovery on the rooftop of one of London’s most famous department stores, Selfridges.

My voyage began in the funky book covered lift to the roof!
I was promptly lead down a long dark hallway where I was asked if I was ready for some adventure. I was given two “crystals” which acted as my drink tokens for the afternoon. Yes, I was ready!
What to choose?
Iced Coffee Cocktail courtesy of The Experimental Cocktail Club
Shame it was so gray out the view from the roof was great
There is the boating lake! Green water to match the Stevia plant
The boat that took me on my voyage and it’s cricket bat like paddle. The umbrella is for going under the waterfall!
A nice looking man meets me halfway across the lake to give me a strawberry rolled in Truvia
A forest of Stevia plants as I go under the waterfall and around the bend in the lake. Truvia is derived from this plant. It’s a natural low calorie sweetener.
And a nice lady hands me another drink!
After my voyage I had a hot tea from The Rare Tea Company. It was served in a hollowed out gourd with a metal straw that filtered out any leftover pieces of gourd.

A Raspberry & Whiskey Jelly. I don’t like whiskey but this was amazing!
A Blackberry & Champagne Jelly
One more beverage. I had a regular coffee made by Caravan Coffee
 I was given a sample jar of Truvia.

I whipped up a Truvia Lemon Drop when I got home from the booklet of cocktails that was in my goody bag
Truvia Lemon Drop
14g Truvia
90ml lemon juice
120ml vodka
Simply pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice. Pour into a chilled glass and enjoy!
Bompas & Parr teamed up with Truvia to put on this event, which runs until Sunday. I must say that this was a brilliant PR idea and collaboration. All of the tickets are sold out but those that managed to snag some will not be disappointed!
I spend a lot of time in Selfridges food hall and I really enjoyed being on top of the roof for a change! I believe that Truvia will be on sale at Selfridges in the coming months.
Thanks to Truvia for my ticket

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