Tennessee Food Round Up

This is a round up of all the weird, wacky and delicious things I ate and saw while I was in Tennessee (and the few interesting things in Aruba).

We had Full Service BBQ catered for our rehearsal dinner. The BBQ sauce was very good. Full Service operate out of a small old gas station!

It was a nice coincidence that my wedding photographers studio was a stones throw away from The Cupcakery and Cities Cupcakes.

It was in a posh looking strip mall

The cupcakes were good but they were a little simple for the price

I chose a Summer Crush

and a Pink Lemonade

I prefer Cities Cupcakes

I love their frosting shots! I had a Savannah (the smores one)

They have a lot of flavors but only bake a selection each day

Carmel was excellent

Miami (Lemon) was very good. I also had an Orlando but my sister ate it without taking a picture.

We got my wedding favors from Schakolad!

They have everything!

Alex tried a chocolate covered pretzel. My dad and I got some of their gelato. The one we went to did a $1 special of one item each day of the week. The day we went was a $1 for a scoop of gelato.

This isn’t a good picture. We had a nice box of 3 chocolate truffles with a gold bow for our wedding favors.

There are a lot of chain restaurants where I was in Tennessee (the local places are all great BBQ joints) but I never get to go to these places so it was great! I did find a few gems though. I had this really great Monte Cristo sandwich at Cheddar’s.

and Strawberry Lemonade

Not as exciting but very good Raspberry Swirl cake at Starbucks

Update: I forgot to add these 2 pictures from Sweet Celebrations. The French Dip, roast beef sandwich with jus, was so tasty. Look at all that meat!

They have a wide selection of desserts. This cupcake was really cute.

One of my favorite places we went was the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge. They make pies, candy, wine, jams and pretty much sell every apple knick knack you can think of.

The extensive case of jams

We went to the Cider Bar and had apple snacks. The apple donuts were very good!

Apple Pie

Fried Apple Pie

Apple Dumpling

Now for the more weird and wacky. This isn’t wacky but I love the rocking chairs at Charlotte airport.

Bubblegum pudding?

Cake flavored ice cream? yes please!

Cheeseburger potato chips? Not so sure about those.

No guns allowed inside!

This was in Aruba. Jackie Chan shampoo!?

The food selection in Aruba was catered towards Americans which is ok since I don’t get this stuff in the UK. Fried bananas at Texas de Brazil

Please, no more meat or I’ll explode.

But there’s always room for banana pie!

Fried ice cream at Sawasdee

It was good but could have been hotter on the outside. Food there was pretty good too.

My favorite of the trip fried Oreos at Iguana Joe’s

I went back on our last night for just dessert. I’m going to lay off the fried foods for awhile I think…

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