New Hampshire Treats & Cupcakes

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

I went to visit my sister in Manchester, New Hampshire which was the beginning of a two-week cupcake adventure! Manchester has its own brand new cupcakery, Queen City Cupcakes.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

The bakery is located in quaint downtown Manchester. The city is nicknamed the queen city, hence the name of the bakery. I chose a pumpkin cupcake and a vanilla milk chocolate. I enjoyed both cupcakes. I have a real soft spot for milk chocolate frosting so this was perfect for me. Also a nice touch for anyone that lives local is they have loyalty cards. I would definitely stop by again next time I’m in town.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

The Red Arrow Diner is Manchester’s claim to fame. It regularly hosts presidents and politicians during election time and was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.  Manchester is also where Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman went to high school. This is a true American diner and great fun. They make home-made Twinkees (Dinah Fingers).

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

I had the strangest and most delicious dinner there, Meatloaf Parm! I don’t think there’s anything else to add.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

We spent the afternoon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire one day. Home to the Portsmouth Baking Company.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

They have a range of cakes, cupcakes and lunch items. I chose a sundae cupcake. The cake was a little buttery for our tastes but I liked the cherry pie filling that was in the middle.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

Half the reason we went to New England, Lobster Rolls! We had lunch at The Dolphin Striker. Great food, but not so great service. Our waiter was a total space cadet and was totally amused by Alex’s British accent.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

Delicious Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Izzy’s.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

Funny we were just there wearing summer clothes and it’s snowing all over New England now!

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

Snickers mudslide at The Puritan Backroom.

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

Crazy American sized portions! This was one entrée!

Manchester, NH Treats & Cupcakes

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  1. Oh Kelly, this makes me want to live in The States so bad!! I can tell just from the signs of the shops that this city is so cute and quaint and New England like! sooo jealous you got to spend time there cause of all the yummy food and it must have been great to see your sister! I cannot wait to see the rest of your cross state adventures! you covered some good ground! Where in England would you find pumpkin pie ice cream or entrees that big! haha and those mini burgers are the cutest!

    p.s I usually store my fondant in tupperware and it keeps fine

  2. I really enjoyed this post, love the pictures. It all sure does look yummy, look forward to the next installment!

  3. So excited to see a little mention of my hometown!! I always say you can’t get a bad meal in Portsmouth but I do have my favorites. (Annabelle’s for ice cream, the ice house for lobster rolls, Ceres St bakery). Thank you for visiting and giving us a shout out!

  4. I grew up in NH, and am going home next weekend, and I fly into Manchester….I think we may need to make a stop here for cupcakes!!!

  5. Now that last photo is what I call a plate of food!

  6. I grew up in Manchester. So cool to see it blogged about (and called quaint-hahahahaha). I’m glad you got to enjoy some tasty treats. Next time I’ll certainly stop in the cupcakery. Hopefully, next time you’ll see Adam Sandler around town!


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