Secret Ingredient Revealed

The secret ingredient was revealed to me yesterday morning (click here for the taste test). I was right! The slightly orange and not so tasty cupcake sent to me by We Are Social (a PR agency) were made with Heinz Tomato Ketchup. I’m really excited that I was spot on. I had such a great time writing the review. I hope more exciting opportunities like this come up in the future.

Why did they send me a ketchup cupcake though? Heinz are running a “Secret Ingredient” campaign. Check it out on facebook here or their web page here. I prefer to use ketchup as the secret ingredient in my meatloaf rather than cupcakes personally.


In case you didn’t know the HQ for Heinz is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is where I was born and my family are from. Maybe it gave me an unfair advantage in the taste test!

Little secret about Heinz. Ever go to a restaurant where they have the glass bottles and the ketchup is always stuck inside? Hold the bottle upside down and hit the embossed number 57 with your open palm a few times and the ketchup will come out every time!

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