Reusable Cupcake Shopping Bag

I went to the Bentalls centre in Kingston this afternoon. I spent a good hour drooling over their extensive kitchen section and international food section. I only walked out with one box of Cap N’ Crunch!

As I was paying I spotted this.

My tag says shoulder bag but I think it’s a handheld one
I’d been wanting to buy a reusable shopping bag for awhile now and I thought this was calling to me. Some cupcake lovers get sick of cupcake products and cupcake paraphernalia but not me! I’m a sucker for the stuff.

Hopefully you can see the pictures clearly. I took them with my blackberry. The bag easily folds up and fits into it’s little pouch. Perfect for a coat pocket or handbag! I paid £3.95 and it’s made by Fizbag. They have lots of cute designs.
I just looked and they can be bought direct from Fizbag. Handheld can be purchased here and shoulder bag here.

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  1. NYC, Style and a little Cannoli

    I have something similar and it's called a ROO-shopper. It had donuts all over it and folds up in my purse. They are very handy. I got mine in the village in NYC.