Posh Pinnies

Masterchef Live 2010
Looking for a Christmas gift this year? If you know someone who is a girly girl like me than she will love one of these Posh Pinnies. I’ve already bought 2 as Christmas gifts to myself! My husband thinks I look adorable wearing it while I’m baking my cupcakes.
These designer aprons are made and sold by a lovely mother and daughter Jane and Sophie Richardson and can be purchased on line.

Masterchef Live 2010
They will also be at Taste of Christmas in a few weeks time.
Masterchef Live 2010
I bought the pink polka dot full pinny a year ago at Taste of Christmas and it’s still in excellent condition. It washes up really well and I think they’re very unique.
More manly designs and colors are also available for those men out there that love to cook.

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  1. Cute! Do you think they sell them online and ship them?

  2. Cupcake Kelly

    Yes, if you you go their site and click on products pick the product you want and you can pay through pay-pal.

    I've emailed them and asked if they ship to Europe. Waiting to hear back.

  3. Cupcake Kelly

    I've received a reply and they do ship to Europe! Follow the steps on pay pal.