Fresh off my vacation high I came back to London with a crashing low. I had a run in with a bicycle last week on my way to work and it was pretty scary. I was walking from Monument to Liverpool Street like I do every morning, listening to my music and thinking about the million things going on at work, and then BAM! Next thing I know I’m on the middle of the pavement. It happened so fast. I was crossing a one way street and checked for traffic but a bicycle whizzing down against the traffic got me.


Luckily, I was not seriously hurt. My hands are really scraped up and my knee is purple. One of the perils of city living I suppose! A nice lady stopped and helped me up. My hands felt like they were on fire. I didn’t know what to do so I walked to work and went straight to the nurse. I’m fine but was feeling pretty sorry for myself and my bandaged mummy hands. I hit the pavement hard enough that there is a small dent in my engagement ring! The-H-Box-Summer-Selection


I very rarely dedicate or shout out brands in their own posts but sitting down at the end of that horrible day with a box of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat certainly helped my mood that evening!  All I can say is that these chocolates arrived at just the right time.

I had planned to give my box to Kayla for her birthday but they didn’t come in time. The day I landed in Boston we took a stroll down Newbury Street and low and behold there is a Hotel Chocolat. Even better once we went in store they were having a sale! Which is mostly unheard of in the UK stores. I snagged Kayla an H Box for $7.50 (70% off, she didn’t mind that it was a branded Mother’s Day box). In the end it was win win. Kayla loved her cake and chocolates and I got to enjoy an H box when I got back to London. She was most fond of the salted praline chocolates.

My box of chocolate was a product sample and I asked Hotel Chocolat specifically for the Summer Selection H box. I’m so pleased with my choice. I love the fruit truffles! They taste very refreshing. A nice tarty fruit flavor and not overwhelmingly sweet. Some of my favorite Trillionaire’s shortbread are thrown in there too. I love the oozing caramel and crunchy shortbread pieces.

Hotel Chocolat provided me with 1 sample box

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