New Stuff


I wanted to highlight a few features that available at American Cupcake Life that you might not be aware of. The first is Zip List. You’ve probably noticed this feature on most of your favorite food blogs. It’s very simple. Save all of your favorite recipes, make meal plans and grocery lists all in one place.

I use Pinterest to save all my favorite recipes but I’ve started using zip list to make my weekly meal plan. I try to go shopping only once a week. It keeps us within in our monthly food budget. The site is super easy to navigate (and free). I’ve added arrows to the pictures to highlight the most important features.


Also, I have a nifty new mobile site you can access from any tablet or smart phone. It has a condensed version of the features on the full desktop site.


You can select to view the most popular categories or the 10 most recent posts. You can still see plenty of colorful pictures and all of the zip list instructions.


For older posts or to leave a comment you’ll still need to visit the full site but the mobile site should offer the most important features for while you’re on the go!

Zip List is a free feature. My mobile site was designed by Marfeel for me free of charge. I was not required to write a review in exchange. 


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