New Home

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve moved my site from Blogger to WordPress. I hope you like the new look of the site! Most of you should automatically be re-directed to the new site. If necessary update any RSS Readers with the feed for the new address so you don’t miss any posts. Anyone following through GFC is automatically brought across.

All of my content has been transferred across (except for my first three posts for some reason). If you think anything is missing drop me line! The spacing on some of the old posts has gone a bit funny in the transfer. I will make my way through fixing these over the coming moths as it’s a big task.

If anyone is curious I designed the entire site, transfer and re-direct myself (this site helped me with all the technical items as well as tips picked up from FBC11). It took a good solid month of hard work and a lot of cups of tea but I did it!

Thanks for reading,

Cupcake Kelly

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  1. congrats on the move!!!!!

  2. Very nice and well done for doing it by yourself! I’ve updated my RSS x

  3. wow – the new site looks great!

  4. your blog is sooo delicious!!

    kisses from germany

  5. I would follow your blog anywhere. :)