Food Network UK Bingo Night

Last week the Food Network UK hosted a Bingo evening at the glamorous Porchester Hall in West London. The Food Network UK has a lot to celebrate of course! In the two years since the channel launched it’s become the fastest growing channel on Sky Arts and commissioned several original series.

The channel is based in the UK but is also beamed into an amazing 98 other countries across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)! The channel is wildly popular in South Africa and one of the new original series features one of South Africa’s most popular chefs. The Giggling Gourmet, Jenny Morris. Her new show, Jenny Cooks Morocco, airs later this year on Food Network UK. This wine that was served came from a Moroccan vineyard Jenny visited.

You can catch other original series, Andy Bates Street Feasts and Reza, Spice Prince of India online with their catch up service.



The tables were all set for several rounds of Bingo along with our very own Food Network Bingo blotters! I had a mini panic when I saw the Bingo boards.


Apparently I’ve managed 10 years without playing Bingo in the UK. I had no idea it was different! It’s very interactive and kinda like what Pantomime is for children. There is a lot of audience participation and interaction with the Bingo caller. Some numbers have little phrases attached to them. By the end of the evening I definitely had the hang of it. All the sixes, clickety click! Two Fat Ladies, Wobbly Wobbly! I’ll let you non UK-ers guess what numbers those are supposed to be!

The boards may be a little different but the concept is more or less the same. My table mates and I were desperately trying to play multiple boards at once but MD of the channel, Nick, was the Bingo caller for the night and he was just too fast! He actually used to work as a Bingo caller in Bournemouth back in the day!


I didn’t win any prizes this time but seeing some of the Food Network UK stars was enough of a prize! It was so dark in the hall that all my photos turned out shockingly bad. You can check out last years Donut Party photos for a little star spotting.


In between Bingo rounds we were treated to Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn (there is a contest on right now at Food Network to create your own popcorn flavor). The Strawberry Cheesecake flavor we were served is an exclusive Food Network flavor. I have never tasted popcorn so amazing before! I’ve loved them since first bite back in 2010.


We were also treated to a little sneak peak of the new Magimix’s Le Mini Plus range. The colors are so fabulous! I’m pining for an orange one already to match my Kitchenaid.

Thanks to everyone at Food Network for a magnificent evening! They sure know how to throw a party!

Food Network are also selling the Celebrity Bake Book to profit the Ben Kinsela Trust.

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