DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


DIY Christmas Gifts

I’m always super prepared when it comes to putting up my Christmas decorations. Not that there’s a lot of space in our flat for as many decorations as I would like. I like to put up my Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and reluctantly take it down in early January.

This is the first time I’ve ever attempted any homemade Christmas presents. I tried to keep it cost effective by keeping it simple and using as few materials as possible (like no glue, only 10 staples and no fabric to work with).  Finding the time isn’t easy especially when it’s past midnight and  ribbon tying videos on you tube aren’t helping…I’m posting this now as a reminder and the work can be spaced out if necessary.

Since this is my first DIY gift and crafting Christmas I chose four easy and nearly foolproof gifts.

1. DIY Christmas Cookies in a Jar

2. Homemade Vanilla Extract

3. Gingerbread Jars

4. Vanilla Sugar 

I received some of the materials from Lakeland and Tala

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