Cupcakes at Paperchase

Paperchase has loads of cupcake paraphernalia. The store on Cheapside is pretty big and it basically has a small area with just cupcake things on it! it’s lethal having to walk by it twice everyday going to and from work!

I went in today to get something for someone else and these caught my eye
Cupcake ice cube tray. How cute is that. It was about £5 I think.

These would be so cute when serving cupcakes and ice cold lemonade when friends come round!
and these
Cupcake hand warmers!

How adorable. I think they were £9. I have something similar. They work by snapping the metal disc in the middle and the liquid gets warm. It stays hot for about 20-30 minutes. In this time the liquid turns solid and to make it liquid again place in a pan of boiling water. These would be a nice stocking stuffer for Christmas!

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