Cupcake Wars – Calling the UK!

For the first time in 5 seasons, casting is being opened up to Bakeries/Cupcakeries in the UK!

A great opportunity for UK based bakeries to show what they’ve got!

I’m compiling a list to send over to Nichelle and the production company. At the moment I don’t have many contacts for bakeries outside London so please get in touch! Anyone interested (home businesses too) please email me (Kelly AT Americancupcakeinlondon DOT com) the following with Cupcake Wars in the subject:

Your Name
Bakery Name
Website (if you have one)
Contact Number

I promise that the details sent over will only be passed on to the production company. Please get in touch as soon as possible.


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  1. I will also take suggestions of bakeries you’d like to see on the show!

  2. Finally!! That’s so cool. Will drop you an email now. Will it be filmed in the UK then?

  3. I have no idea on any of the details. I just offered to gather names and details of UK bakeries :-p

  4. So cool! I’m don’t run a business but do enjoy baking and run a baking blog,, would I be eligible? thanks :)

  5. I love watching Cupcake Wars – how exciting that it is being opened up to the UK. Hope you will keep us posted with details :)

  6. Would love to get involved. All our details are on facebook at “kendalcupcakes windermere”.

    Thanks. Stephen

  7. I’m up for the challenge please pass on my details

  8. I love that show! So cool that you’re helping with the contestants list :)

  9. Cookmore

    Would someone tell me when this program is on please ? I have heard alot about it and it sounds like my cup tea :)

    Could someone tell me what program and when it is on in the uk please


    Cookmore x

  10. The Cowbridge Cake Company is up for the challenge!

  11. Chatter Cakes

    Is this still relevant? If so, Chatter Cakes (East Sussex) would be up for it!!