Cupcake Wall Ornament

I just wanted to show off this beautiful wall ornament that my mother in law gave me for Christmas! She got it at Poole Pottery. She just happened to see it while browsing in store! Lucky for me!

I hung it on our wall using some strong velcro since we’re not allowed to make holes in the walls of our flat.

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  1. LOVE it! What a brilliant gift. Where do you get strong velcro from and does it really work?

    • The velcro seems to be working. I had it in my junk box but I’m sure I got it at a craft store. I used a strip that’s about 1 inch thick and about 3 inches long.

  2. This is just too cute!

  3. is really beautiful. How lucky to have a mother that great. regards

  4. LOL, they should have these as plaques outside houses like those blue ones they do for famous people!