Cupcake Club: UPDATE

Hi Everyone,

The good news is that we have enough people to start the Cupcake Club now. If you have any friends that would be interested in baking please ask them. I’ve had 7 bakers sign up. I’ll leave it up to the bakers to decided how many cakes they want to bring in. I’m sure 12 would be enough to go around and share but if you want to make 24 go ahead! Please feel free to bring 2 cupcake loving friends each.

There will be NO THEME baking for “the club” as this is different than Iron Cupcake. So let your imagination run wild and bake/decorate to impress! It is also not a competition so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Date: Monday July 5th @ 6pm (6-6.30pm cake set up and last minute decorating!)
Location: London (somewhere in The City)
Venue: TBA (still looking for a suitable venue)
Cost: TBD (will be minimal if any)

To sign up email me
Check back in a few days for updates on location!

Cupcake Kelly

UPDATE: 5 Spots left

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