Cupcake Club: London Holiday Meetup

Christmas is nearly here and to celebrate I’ve planned a very casual pre holiday meet up at the Barrowboy & Banker pub in London Bridge.

When: Monday November 29th
Time: From 6pm
Location: Barrowboy & Banker
Cost: £0 (everyone can buy their own drinks at the bar)
What to bring: 12 cupcakes (or more if you like) and 2-3 cupcake loving friends (optional)
Just because the meetup is casual doesn’t mean the cupcakes are casual! Blow us away with something holiday themed!
If you plan on coming please drop a comment below the post! Hope to see you all there.

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  1. Cupcake Kelly

    I've already bought some christmas liners to get ready!

  2. Baking Addict

    I would love to come but will be away at that time :( I can't wait to read all about it though. Hopefully see you at the next one.

  3. Cupcake Crazy Gem

    You know I would definitely be there! but flying back from the Caribbean is just out of my price range right now!! can't wait to see all the pics from it! x

  4. I'm hoping to make it, looking forward to it and already planning what to make! I've been missing iron cupcake (even went to the leeds one a few weeks ago with my other sister!) Glad you've organised this. Tamara

  5. Awww… That would be so great if I could make it on the 29th- the day after my b-day! But, I have to work and can't take off from work to come to London– DRAT!!!!
    I'll be gone on the 18th- a few months in Costa Rica! : ) I'll try to come in April- : ) Have fun!

  6. Made With Pink

    Hey Kelly, not sure if I can make it on the 29th, but I'll let you know for sure in a week or so!

  7. I heart cupcakes

    Hey Kelly
    I'm hoping to make it on the 29th but have to check dates with work etc. Would be fab to make it along though

  8. Cupcake Kelly

    Excellent! I picked up a few cupcake themed prizes to give away!

  9. Cupcake Kelly

    aww, Gem I know you would come if you were still here. If you happen to come back in the near future (for good or for a visit) I will try my hardest to plan another one.

  10. Hey kelly, will try to make it! Will just check DH can keep our rugrats while I escape for some fun! :)

  11. Cupcake Kelly

    Fingers crossed! I'd love to see some of your new decorations.