Cupcake Club

Hi Everyone,
This is a message to all of my fellow Cupcake lovers! I know everyone is devestated that Iron Cupcake is on hiatus. In the meantime I was thinking of starting a “Cupcake Club” to fill the void. It will not be a competition. I was hoping to get 5-12 bakers together for one evening each bringing a dozen cupcakes (and 1 friend if you feel you need extra support). That way each person (or pair of friends) will get one cake of each to eat at the gathering and some to take home for later (for those that can’t eat 12 cakes in one sitting!).

The idea is for cupcake lovers to get together have some fun, swap some tips, and make new friends. If you’re interested please email me and if enough people are interested I’ll find a place that will let us bring cakes in. If I get more than 12 responses it will be on who has responded first (to be fair). I think a small event will be easier to organize.
Date: Monday July 5th
Location: London (probably near The City)
Venue: TBA
Cost: TBD (will be minimal if any)
Cupcake KellyUPDATE: 5 Spots left

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