Christmas in July 2013


I’m a few days late but Christmas in July sounds a lot better than Christmas in August. Christmas is still five months away but if you plan on making any gifts this year it’s always best to get started early. I started my Christmas recipe scrap book in November last year and finished it a few days before Christmas. Now that I know we’re moving to the US I cleaned out my magazine collection. I didn’t want to pay to ship them so I tore out my favorite pages. I started making my second recipe scrap book in June and I might be done by Christmas.

Last year I did a whole week of Easy DIY Gifts if you’re feeling inspired to start now. Christmas in July is one of my favorite times to be a blogger. Most stores and brands preview their new lines of products and since I have no lead time I find it fun to drum up the Christmas excitement early. You can read Christmas in July 2012 here.


If last year was all about class and DIY I think 2013 is all about elegance and ease! At Waitrose and John Lewis the range of salted caramel products was extensive (hello salted caramel roasted parsnips!). Lakeland had some weird and wacky products but what I really loved where their cake pans in new shapes. Salter really impressed with their range of Heston bakeware*. The teaspoons and rolling pin are seriously cool and bring an even more precise and scientific edge to baking.

*I received some samples from Salter of these products



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