Christmas in July

Every year we say that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year. This year Christmas has come in July. We can thank the old school media who traditionally have longer lead times to press, typically several months, where online media is well, instantaneous.

I’m sure we don’t want to start thinking about gifts just yet but I thought I would highlight what to look out for this year while it’s all fresh in my mind and also for those that plan on making their own gifts it’s never too early for that.

The Waitrose Christmas preview was my favorite I think. What popped out at me as a possible theme for 2012 was style & convenience. Keep your eyes peeled for pretty placemats, painted bakeware and inspired desserts.

At The East India Company it’s all about style. For the person who has everything their teas and snacks are to die for. Watch out for their new tea infused chocolate selections and intriguing jams.

At Lakeland it’s all about fun DIY. Impress and make your own gifts including homemade cheese.

Get that letter to Santa in the mail now! The new Samsung Dual Cook Steam Oven. Insane how technology moves so fast. The oven can cook two different things at two totally separate temperatures and has a steam function as well.

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  1. I love the fact that you are planning ahead, and up until reading this post, Christmas has not been in my mind. However, i was really inspired by your post so i have not purchased a book of all the gifts that i want to make for family and friends this christmas. Thank you so much as the stress has already been taken off my shoulders and now will not have a last minute panic of what to bake for people.