Channel 4 Food – Best Baking Blogs

Channel 4 Food (Channel 4 is a terrestrial TV channel in the UK) issued their pick of the Best Baking Blogs and I’m blown away that I was included on the list as “For the Adventurous”!

This is what Channel 4 had to say about An American Cupcake in London:

“Tempted by chocolate gravy? Or how about a maple, chocolate chip and candied bacon cookie cup? No? Surely a twisted Creme Egg cupcake will tickle your taste buds then? Kelly, the self-taught cook behind An American Cupcake in London is certainly one of the most experimental and adventurous home bakers on the web. Her fusion of traditional British puds with an American sweet tooth makes for a rich combination. Stop by for original recipes, a cupcake suppliers list and a rather wonderful London Cupcake Tourist Map”.

Make sure to check out all the other great blogs on the list!

For Fun – Katie Cakes
For Good Advice – Maison Cupcake
For Getting Groovy Groovy – Delicious Delicious Delicious
For A Sure Thing – The Boy Who Bakes
For The Experimental – The Pink Whisk
For Keeping Up Appearances – Amelie’s House
For The Gossip – Let Her Bake Cake
For Tips From A Professional – Coco & Me
For Being Naughty – Evil Shenanigans

Thanks to Channel 4 for including me!

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  1. Daisy

    Congratulations! :) your blog always makes me feel hungry haha xxx

  2. mcwisecracker

    Bravo! Congratulations! I love reading your blog as well! What an honor!

  3. Cupcake Kelly

    thanks guys! :)

  4. Honestly Good Food

    Oh congratulations!

  5. Congrats!

  6. carmar76

    Hooray! you definitely were chosen wisely!

  7. Franziska

    Congratulations, that's excellent news!

  8. Pete589

    well done you, great blog, check mine out.

  9. Cyncalla

    Congratulations! That's a pretty sweet honour!

  10. Natasha

    Congratulations! I'm sure you inspire a lot of adventurousness in your readers! Thanks for the link!

  11. li'l Muppet-lhead

    well done! I really do love reading about your baking and hope to try making a few when I have time :)

  12. Omani Jewel

    loved ur blog, i also studied finance and live ro cook and bake


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