Cake & Bake Show London 2012

Remember when I posted this sneak peak of The Cake & Bake Show a few weeks ago? Well the real deal has finally arrived this weekend! The crowds at Earl’s Court were massive! I was really lucky and didn’t have to wait in the queue (which nearly snaked all the way to the tube station). They told me at the press office they sold 20,000 tickets.

While they were sorting the queues out outside I took the opportunity to peruse the stands selling all the sugar craft and baking equipment you could imagine. I was pretty good this time and only bought a spatula, a book, extra red gel, Cosmopolitan flavoring and a bread proofing basket.

My tips for the show if you’re going tomorrow (or tonight).

1. Don’t drink liquid before you go. The lines for the ladies bathrooms are crazy.
2. Don’t go ravenously hungry. Surprisingly, for a cake show there are only a few stands selling cake to eat.
3. If you’re interested in watching any demos check which ones you want to watch the most beforehand. I probably wasted a lot of time wondering aimlessly around for about an hour!
4. Some of the mid sized demos you need to sign up for (Baking Mad & Betty Crocker). Go and sign up first before looking at the rest of the show.
5. Buy now. If you see something you’re pretty sure you want to buy but think you’ll swing by later, don’t. I always do this and I ALWAYS forget which stand it was at or run out of money.
6. Keep your eyes peeled. I spotted about 5 or 6 contestants from the current series of The Great British Bake off milling around.
7. Try not to get too frustrated with the pushing and the crowds.

If you’re a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off (like me). It’s well worth watching one of Paul or Mary’s demos. I was tired so I sat down an hour in advance of Paul’s demo so I would have a seat. I’m glad I did. Security came over to control the crowd and someone even fainted! I know very little about bread so I enjoyed both Paul and Aiden making real bread.Paul knows how to work a crowd.

For those of you that don’t live down south there will be a Cake & Bake Show in Manchester.

I received free entry into the show

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