Bye Bye Google Reader


If you spend any time regularly reading any blogs you’ll know that Google has discontinued the service of the beloved Google Reader (as of July 1st). Now, don’t be too distraught, there is another solution.

I’ve signed up and have been using feedly for several months. It has an app for phones, tablets and an add on for browsers and you can seamlessly read all of your subscriptions. I mainly use my phone and tablet. It reads very nicely in landscape. You can read all about migrating here.

If RSS subscribing isn’t your thing you can also follow American Cupcake in London on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram or my weekly newsletter. You can of course use my RSS feed in your new reader of choice.

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1 Comment

  1. I’m devastated! Didn’t they realise how many people loved it? I’m on netvibes now. :-(