Bye Bye Google Friend Connect


Sadly, Google is sending Google Friend Connect (GFC) off into the sunset and bringing in Google +. It’s a very sad step for me as GFC is a big avenue for my followers. In case you don’t know GFC is the box on the sidebar that allows you to follow the blog.

Best not to dwell on these things and focus on moving forward. Here are all the ways that you can stay touch! Each avenue will bring you something a little different so don’t be afraid to use more than one!


Google +







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  1. can you share where you got this information? I have heard nothing about it! :-/

  2. From what I know, they will bring back the Following. It used to be on Blogger. I have been told that pretty much just the name will change… The box should be the same. I am trying to find the link to that post but I can’t right now. If I do – I will be back to share it! I hate changes…