2012 Dessert Flops


I’ve never pretended to be perfect. I’m just not one of those bloggers where everything looks glossy and perfect all the time. While I like to pretend that I’m Martha Stewart I want my blog to show everyone what I’m really like. I have no problem frosting cupcakes on the weekends and crunching numbers all day at work but I still manage to miss my stop to change trains on my morning commute a little too often. Besides, perfect is boring and perfect people are majorly annoying.

The last two years in December I wrote about all the great things I did (2010 and 2011) so for 2012 I’ve done a 180 and captured a few of my epic flops. There were a lot more than this but I forgot to photograph them. I thought this would be fun to share and something different from all the other Christmas gift guides and Top 10 posts that float around every December.


2012 got off to bang with a flat angel food cake that I tried to make in a bundt cake pan, burnt heart shaped marshmallows, over beaten marshmallow fluff and a god awful peach cake that came out like mush. That was all in January and February.


The spring and summer saw a failed chocolate and olive oil spread that was not spreadable and some stewed fruit that just plain tasted gross. There were 2 batches of failed chocolate macarons and a batch of peanut butter ice cream that tasted like vodka (don’t ask).

The fall ushered in a hot chocolate marshmallow cake (top picture) that was dry dense and after a taxi ride turned into the leaning tower of cake. It looked beautiful though (the marshmallows on top were not a flop). Last but not least the Christmas season saw a wobbly creme brulee.

Happy New Year!

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