Sweet Breakfast Burrito

Sweet Omelette

I had a hard time deciding if this post should be called a Sweet Omelet or a Sweet Breakfast Burrito! In the end I went with breakfast burrito because instead of a savory tortilla the outside is a sweet crepe and the inside is stuffed with scrambled eggs and tart berries. On the other hand I could have gone with omelet since the single serving crepe recipe contains mostly egg. Either way I love the sweet and savory combination going on here.

Sweet Omelette

The crepe recipe takes about 30 seconds to whip up, which even if your short on time in the morning, it’s very fast to  make. As there is one egg in the one crepe it’s a tad heavier than a traditional recipe but still delicious. Experiment with different toppings and fillings. For a more savory crepe skip the sugar.

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Sweet Omelette

1 crepe

Sweet Omelette



1 egg

1 tbs sugar

1 1/2 tbs soy milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt

2 tbs flour

Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs

2 tbs alpro single cream or soy milk

salt and pepper, for seasoning

handful of your favorite berries


  1. In a small bowl whisk together the egg, sugar, milk, vanilla and salt. Whisk in the flour. Spray a frying pan with cooking spray over medium heat. Pour in the batter and cook for 1 minute on each side until golden brown. Set aside on a plate.
  2. Make the scrambled eggs. Whisk the eggs and milk or cream. Melt a small amount of butter in the pan and pour in the eggs. With a spatula mix the eggs every 30 seconds until fluffy and cooked. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Place the scrambled eggs in the crepe and wrap it up. Sprinkle the top with your favorite berries.

Crepe recipe adapted from Food.com

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