Raspberry Coconut Ice

Raspberry Coconut Ice

As soon as I finished Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams I knew I wanted to make one of the traditional British sweets mentioned in the book but with a modern twist. I decided on the simple Coconut Ice but I made the top half of the sweet raspberry flavored with jam.

Raspberry Coconut Ice

It’s a bit tough to tell from the photo since I didn’t use any food coloring but the bottom half of the sweet is white and the top half is pink.

Raspberry Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice are basically firm squares of frosting so what’s not to like! I placed mine in the fridge to set and then after I cut them into squares they were still a little sticky so I put them in a Tupperware container with the corner slightly open and let them air dry for a few more hours.

I used this recipe which uses condensed milk. Dan Lepard also has a recipe for Coconut Ice in Short & Sweet using mascarpone, and Jenny has a recipe for Coconut Ice in the book as well.

There’s still time to read and bake something for this month’s book club!

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  1. YUM! coconut and raspberry – what’s not to love, sounds delish!

  2. These look very tasty! They reminded me of those Neoplotian coconut ice type candy/sweets we have in the states…do you know what I am talking about? I think Brach’s made them. Haven’t seen them in ages, not just because I have lived in the UK so long! Those were my favorite! And root beer barrels! Think I’m going to re-read and make something by next week!

  3. I’m hungry again. 0.0 I adore coconut.