Pina Colada S’mores

Pina Colada S'mores

The last s’mores creation of the week is a tropical version! Perfect for a camping trip moved indoors by poor weather. Pretty typical for London. We’ve gone from drought to flood in no time this summer.

Pina Colada S'mores

I sandwiched milk chocolate, melted coconut marshmallows, a splash of rum and a pineapple slice between two homemade graham crackers. If you can’t find the coconut marshmallows use regular marshmallows and throw in some toasted coconut!

I placed 1 graham cracker with the chocolate and marshmallows in the oven for 3 minutes at 180 C. After taking out of the oven i splashed the rum on and toopped with the pineapple and other graham cracker.

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