Mocha Chocolate Fudge

Mocha Fudge

My mom used to make batches of fudge every Christmas along with tons of Christmas cookies. She’d spend one day making everything and put the boxes of cookies in the freezer to keep us going all month long. We used to play family games at night and have milk and cookies. For some reason I haven’t made fudge very often!

Mocha Fudge

I made Candy Cane Fudge a few years ago using condensed milk. I was feeling a little nostalgic this weekend and decided I wanted chocolate fudge but made the old fashioned way. I really wanted to make gingerbread mocha fudge but after checking three stores I gave up looking for gingerbread marshmallows.

In the end I used this recipe from Joy the Baker and added my own mix ins. I used french vanilla marshmallows, Christmas sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, hot cocoa marshmallows and 1 tablespoon of espresso powder added into the fudge mix.

It may take a little longer but it’s so worth it to make the fudge without condensed milk or marshmallow fluff. It tastes so rich and flavorful! The coffee and chocolate pair perfect together.

I promised my sister I would put some in the freezer for when she comes to visit but now that I taste tested a square I’m not sure I can keep that promise…

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