Funfetti Puddin’

Funfetti Puddin'

By the time this goes live I will have been in Connecticut for three days. I am most likely feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out. I hope this is the last big move we’ll make for several years. I don’t reccomend moving to another continent for the sake of your sanity. Only other expats will understand the headaches and frustration of trying to fit your international life into forms meant for normal people (I don’t have a state to fill in and no, I don’t have a ten digit phone number)!

Funfetti Puddin'

I wrote this in advance since I don’t know when we’ll have internet or if I’ll have the energy to post any updates. I’m sure once we’re all settled in it will all be worth it and I’ll be in domestic bliss! This is the last dessert that I made in my little London kitchen. Most everything had been packed away so I used a handful of leftover sprinkles and turned some stove top homemade pudding into a special funfetti pudding.

Funfetti Puddin'

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being supportive during our final weeks in London and all the well wishes. I will bring you the same very best baking from our new Connecticut kitchen. I used the same vanilla pudding recipe as the Oreo Banana Pudding. Stir in a handful of rainbow jimmies right before serving and top with rainbow sprinkle balls. The sprinkles will start to melt so it’s important to do this step at the last minute.

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  1. This is awesome! I will definitely be trying it

  2. Good luck in CT Kelly! Can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on

  3. Welcome to Connecticut!