Chocolate Pecan Saltine Bark

Saltine Pecan Caramel Bark

I tried to squeeze in one more cake for 2014 but it was not meant to be! I made the chocolate chip cake from The Back in the Day cookbook but I don’t own a 9×13 baking pan so I thought I would be clever and used my bundt tin.

Wrong! I think the cake batter might have been a little too heavy and it stuck horrendously to the pan despite a liberal dousing in Crisco. We still ate it and I saved all the stuck crumbly bits to throw into a milkshake.

Saltine Pecan Caramel Bark

Good thing I made this saltine bark before the cake disaster! I completely understand now why sometimes this recipe is called Christmas Crack. Who would have thought those dry crumbly crackers that mom used to give us when we had the flu could be so tasty.

I guess they’re tasty in part because they get a liberal dousing with two sticks of butter 😛

I used the recipe from Averie Cooks and added some roasted pecans on top of my chocolate and a drizzle of caramel sauce.


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