Blueberry French Toast

Blueberry Brown Sugar French Toast

I decided that I was going to make cinnamon rolls for Easter Sunday brunch. I made the dough the day before and split it in half. I filled some with strawberries and the other half with apple butter. Strawberries are far too watery. I should have known better on that one but they all ended up in the bin a sticky doughy mess! Whoops!

Blueberry Brown Sugar French Toast

I’m a pretty bad blogger. After four years of blogging I have pretty much stopped planning ahead for holiday posts and threw most of the stuff they teach you at those blogging conferences out the window. It’s too much work to be perfect. I should rename my blog ‘The Lazy Baker’ 😉

French Toast came to the save the day! I had a loaf of Peppridge Farm Blueberry Swirl bread in the freezer and whipped up some emergency french toast. It worked out for the best. The swirl bread makes the best french toast. Perfect for this lazy baker. I didn’t have to do much 🙂

This exact scenario also happened at Christmas. I tried out a new untested recipe for Christmas morning and it was disgusting! I didn’t make any backup french toast though. I made us eat gross crock pot oatmeal.

Recipe is over at This Gal Cooks.

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