Appletini Jello Shots

Appletini Jello Shots

This is the second recipe I made from Sweetie. Click here to read my book review and click here to see the Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. These shots are awesome and right up there with the cake shooters and cupcake cocktails that I made for my dessert party. I made half of the recipe from the book and it made enough for a few bowls. I’m also running a giveaway to win a copy of Sweetie.

Appletini Jello Shots

I originally poured the mixture into a lightly greased cupcake pan so  I could have round little domes but there’s wasn’t quite enough gelatin for them to keep shape. I spooned the firmed mixture into shot glasses. Next time I’d pour the mixture straight into the shot glass.

Appletini Jello Shots

I added the green food coloring to make it bright. This is completely optional, without the green it would be a pale yellow brown from the apple juice. I also added half a dram of LorAnn apple flavor as I couldn’t find any apple schnapps and used my emergency chocolate schnapps that I keep hidden behind the spaghetti noodles (the amount of schnapps is so minimal it didn’t make a difference and schnapps tastes like burning to me more than anything!).

Appletini Jello Shots


1 litre apple juice

12ml vodka

15ml apple schnapps

200g caster sugar

1 1/2 tbs powdered gelatin


  1. In a medium sauce pan stir in the apple juice, vodka, schnapps and caster sugar together over medium heat until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Once the sugar dissolves stir in the gelatin. Once absorbed let cool and then pour into glass containers or jelly molds.
  3. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours until set. I topped mine with whipped cream and edible gold glitter.

adapted from Sweetie 

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