Nutella Muffins

Nutella Muffins

After reading When in Doubt, Add Butter I wasn’t sure what to bake as my inspired treat. The main character doesn’t mention a favorite dish but does believe the more butter the better.

Nutella Muffins

I also considered using my Key Lime Pudding as the bake for this book. One of Gemma’s clients considers having only a raw diet and wouldn’t eat soy, flour, onions and whole host of other things.

I was going to make scones but I didn’t have the right ingredients to hand so I decided to make some muffins for breakfast. These muffins are super lush. A nice indulgent breakfast without being too OTT.

Don’t skimp on the Nutella in the center. Alex thought a few of them could have used more. If you’re looking for an even more chocolatey muffin I’d suggest a Nutella glaze. After I baked these I wish I’d made my Duffin recipe and filled it with Nutella instead!

Recipe at Damn Delicious. I made a few shortcuts. I dumped everything in one bowl and then mixed it, I sprayed my pan with some Pam and skipped the paper liners and used some pumpkin pie spice in the batter. Opening two jars of spice is just too time consuming 😉

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  1. They look amazing! :)