Vanilla Sugar

DIY Christmas Gifts

This is the last homemade gift idea for the week. I debated giving this its own post because it’s almost too easy! I wish I’d had some fancier jars on hand but I didn’t want to spend a bomb when it’s what’s on the inside that counts :-p

DIY Christmas Gifts

I used an old Kilner jar and filled it with regular old granulated sugar (you could use courser sugar too) and stuck a sliced vanilla pod in there. Give it a good shake and viola, two days later you have vanilla scented sugar! I’ve bought vanilla sugar at the supermarket before and it cost about £3. I feel pretty stupid now that it’s pretty much free to make your own. You don’t even need a full vanilla pod. Save the scraped pod from your baking.

I use my vanilla sugar on my morning oatmeal sprinkled with fruit. For more about vanilla, its uses and other vanilla ideas I highly recommend Pure Vanilla. I used the same ribbon tying technique as the cookie jar for decoration.

I received the ribbon used here from Lakeland

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