Homemade Vanilla Extract

DIY Christmas Gifts

This is probably the best DIY Christmas gift. It took about 10 seconds to assemble and looks really impressive. It’s also very cost effective. I’m also considering keeping this and not giving it as a gift at all!

DIY Christmas Gifts

I originally wanted to make a trio vanillas using a Tahitian, Mexican and Madagascar beans after reading Pure Vanilla. I wasn’t able to find any Mexican beans from any UK retailers though so I made one bottle of Tahitian vanilla. I won’t go into the details about the different kinds of vanilla since Shauna goes into that detail in her book.

Find out how to make your own vanilla here. The vanilla takes about two months to brew. I attached a label and put the date that it should be used on since it’s already less than two months to Christmas!

I received the bottle  from Lakeland.

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