Gingerbread Jars

DIY Christmas Gifts


I never used to be a big fan of gingerbread. I love spice, chai and pumpkin pie but I was never a huge ginger cake person. I guess taste buds change because I find myself fancying ginger a lot more these days. I’m still not crazy about raw ginger but I do love the lemon ginger crunch bars at Leon!

This is a great gift idea. I like the way the gingerbread look all tucked up in the jar like a barrel of monkeys. Take a used (and clean) jam jar and fill it with mini gingerbread men. I covered the jar with red jam jar covers I had leftover from Tala and used some pretty Christmas ribbon from Lakeland.

DIY Christmas Gifts

You can find the recipe for the cookies in this jar here. My English readers will be happy. The recipe is in grams and uses golden syrup instead of molasses. For those that want recipes in American cups I made these Martha Stewart gingerbread cookies one year and it makes a huge batch! Enough to fill many jars!

I bought this mini gingerbread cookie cutter for these cupcakes and never thought I’d use it again. I’ve used every Christmas and it’s just too cute.

I received the Tala covers and labels as well as the Lakeland ribbon for review.

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