French Vanilla & Sea Salt S’mores

French Vanilla & Sea Salt S'mores

I hope everyone had a delicious and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. We had a really great time at my sister’s house. She’s definitely a better cook than I am. She made the entire Thanksgiving meal from scratch. Cranberry sauce, yeasted rolls and the stuffing (even the cornbread in the stuffing). The jellied cranberry sauce she made I think was my favorite. We’re not even a cranberry sauce loving family. It was an amazing meal to inaugurate Alex into the Thanksgiving tradition.

French Vanilla & Sea Salt S'mores

We drove up to New Hampshire early on Thanksgiving morning. It was the first long road trip that we’ve ever made so we wanted to try and avoid as much holiday congestion as possible. New Hampshire is great! Smooth roads, no traffic and best of all no sales tax (the state motto is “Live Free or Die” after all!). We didn’t do any serious black Friday shopping but we did amble around town at mid day to get bits and pieces to make our Christmas wreaths.

Thanksgiving Collage

With the weather forecast yesterday calling for ice and flurries we started our return road trip early. We were bummed that we didn’t stay for brunch but in the end it was the best decision. Our GPS re routed us around one bad traffic jam and one stretch of the Massachusetts Turn Pike was a sheet of ice which turned our 4 hour trip into about 5 hours but we made it home in one piece and still had enough time in the day to make dinner and unwind a little before the new working week starts.

The temperatures in New Hampshire were in the single digits over the weekend and forecast for snow even in Connecticut. Before we left for the weekend I stocked up on S’mores supplies to give the fireplace in our house a whirl. No matter that when we got back home it was 50 degrees. We decided to light a fire for fun anyway. Alex has never had a S’more toasted over a fire before so I was excited to show him how a nice hot and charred marshmallow tastes. Since he’s from Switzerland he’s a bit of a chocolate snob. I bought some different flavor Lindt bars while they were on sale and thought it would be fun to pair them with the French Vanilla Jet Puffs I bought on a whim a few weeks ago.

Check out my instagram for other Thanksgiving photos (including way too many of Macaroni the wiener dog and a funny video of Alex tasting his S’more).

French Vanilla & Sea Salt S’mores

Yield: 4 S


4 graham crackers, your choice of flavor

12 French Vanilla Jet Puff Marshmallows

1 bar Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate


  1. Snap each graham cracker in half and allocate 4 squares per person (for 2 sandwiches each). Allocate 1-2 squares of chocolate per sandwich.
  2. Roast 3 marshmallows per s'more (the French Vanilla ones are pretty small). Carefully add the the hot marshmallows on top of the chocolate and sandwich with the remaining graham cracker squares.
  3. Enjoy!

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