Christmas Recipe Planning Scrapbook

I like saving money. I think pretty much everyone likes saving money. Sometimes this baking business can get out of hand. I’ve got stacks and stacks of magazines and books in piles all over the flat. I also like reading lots of different blogs. I started branching out and reading other non baking blogs. Who knew other kinds of blogs existed and didn’t tell me!

So where is all this going you ask? I started reading the blog, A Thrift Mrs, several months ago. She’s very good at pinching pennies. After I read one of her Christmas posts I thought I would give some Christmas penny pinching a whirl. I’ve slowly been going through the last six years of Christmas food magazines and tearing out the pages of recipes I would ever consider making.

I bought a Christmas recipe organizer at a craft store while I was back in the US (40% off) and some basic crafting supplies (with a coupon!). I plan on making a Christmas recipe scrapbook. Every year it takes me forever to decide what I want to make for Christmas and I can never remember which recipe is in which magazine. Having everything organized in one place with dividers for drinks, appetizers, side dishes, main courses and desserts should make Christmas planning a breeze!

I stopped all my magazine subscriptions last year since I wasn’t finding the time to read them anymore and the recipe and ideas were all pretty much the same every few years.

Top picture  Delicious Jan 2012 and Bottom BBC Good Food Dec 2007 both were similar articles about Christmas cake decorating.

I probably won’t be finished with my project in time for Christmas this year but it’s been fun watching Christmas movies while clipping and pasting together my book. I love planning a whole week’s worth of Christmas-ey dinners, snacks and desserts each year. This should be less stressful in years to come.

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