Halloween is nearly over own and to celebrate that the next round of holidays are nearly here I’m hosting another giveaway from CSN stores! This time enter for your chance to win a $35 gift certificate to spend at any CSN store.



*Wiener dog not included

The best part this time around is that anyone from the US or UK can enter!

Giveaway closes Tuesday November 2nd at Midnight GMT (Now Closed). I’ll choose a winner at random. The gift certificate does not cover shipping costs and must be used in one shopping trip.

Should a UK resident be a winner they will get a gift certificate worth the pound sterling equivilent of $35 to use on the UK CSN site. US winners have over 200 stores to chose from!

If you’re a follower on my site you’ll get an extra entry into the competition.

To enter leave a comment letting me know whether you’re UK or US and what’s your favorite holiday dish for Thanksgiving or Bonfire Night.

Good Luck!

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  1. Those cakes pops look great!

    Not exactly a dish but I love bonfire toffee, I could eat it all the time.

    I'm in the UK, and also a follower :)

  2. Hi Kelly! I love your blog. It really inspired me to start baking from scratch.

    I'd have to say my favorite Thanksgiving dish is always my dad's stuffing, but on Bonfire Night I always loved the mulled wine or spiked hot apple cider.

    I hope you're well.

  3. suburban prep

    I am in the US.
    I love the mashed potatoes with a bit of butter.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Kelly!
    I am a sucker for Pumpkin Pie.
    And I live in the US


  5. Domestic Diva

    I live in the US and I love turkey (brined and roasted).

  6. Domestic Diva

    I follow on gfc

  7. I'm from the US, and my favorite is apple pie! Thanks!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  8. I follow with GFC!

  9. Ute@HungryinLondon

    Hey, I am UK and I am actually from Austria and we don't celebrate Halloween there – no idea about Halloween foods :(

  10. Hi Kelly I'm from America and I love green bean casserole! Mmm and Halloween candy!

  11. The Caked Crusader

    As a UK girl, I love spicy gingerbread for any winter occasion – it should stick to your ribs (and – alas – also your hips!)

  12. Tiffany Christie

    I'm in the U.S. and I love green bean casserole and candied yams ….Tiffypoot @ (

  13. Tiffany Christie

    I follow via Google Friend Connect – Tiffypixie – Tiffypoot @ (

  14. I live in the Uk and every bonfire night since a little girl we've had baked potatoes, sausages and baked beans… now I have a family of my own we still have the same every bonfire night

  15. Vanessa Elliott

    from the US.
    i love pumpkin anything and am a sucker for a good pecan pie!

  16. sflint23

    From the USA.
    I love a nice smoked turkey with honey sweet cranberry-walnut sauce on the side & my mom's cherry fluff desert.