Strawberry & Champagne Jam

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

Ever wonder what the Queen has for breakfast? I doubt she wanders bleary eyed to the kitchen in the morning and drops a couple Pop Tarts into the toaster. What does a woman have to celebrate 60 years on the throne? Probably not Pop Tarts but maybe homemade jam features on the menu.

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

I’ve been really interested in making my own jam and preserves at home. I already made some homemade jelly. Lakeland sent me some street party jam kits for the upcoming Jubilee. so I thought it was the perfect time to experiment again

I found British strawberries half price at the supermarket and poshed up a recipe for strawberry jam by adding some champagne to give it an extra edge.

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

Make this jam for an extra special afternoon tea during the Jubilee weekend. In addition to the jam I made a batch of Dan Lepard’s Everyday Scones from Short & Sweet.

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

I labeled this jar to the Queen but her majesty will probably get more gifts than should could possibly use so I don’t think she’ll mind if I keep it for myself.

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

Yield: 1 jar


405g Strawberries, washed and completely dry

340g sugar

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1/2 - 1 cup champagne


  1. Remove the stalks from the strawberries and place in a pan with the champagne and lemon juice. Heat gently and stir until the mixture starts to boil.
  2. Add the sugar gradually while continuously stirring. Boil until the jam sets. You can tell it's set when a teaspoon of jam wrinkles when placed on a cold saucer (mine took about 15 minutes).
  3. Pour into sterilized jar and store in a cool dry place until set.


adapted from Let's Preserve it

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

Strawberry & Champagne Jam


Thanks to Lakeland for my jam kit

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  1. I always get stressed making jam (it’s the testing whether it’s set bit) – but you’ve inspired me here!

    • It’s so nearvewracking waiting for it to set! I’m still learning so I’ve only been making 1 jar at a time. The “Let’s Preserve It” book is very good. It has a lot of detail about testing, steralizing and even how to “save” it if it won’t set.

  2. I’m also quite intimidated by jam-making, but this sounds really lovely. I might try to pluck up the courage…

  3. Fun, fun, fun! Love the Jubilee mug, Kelly.

  4. Wide Eyed and Cakeless


    Can I ask what type of sugar you used – its is preserving sugar or caster? Do you need to add Pectin for it to set? I’ve only made plum jam before so no idea what strawberries do in jam making! I want to use this recipe to make Wedding Favours for our big day next Spring – no pressure!

  5. I just used regular granulated sugar. The lemon juice and strawberries contain natural pectin for the jam to set.


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