Lemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt

Lemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt
This recipe is inspired by the gelato I had in Milan, a recipe from the TOTAL Greek Yogurt site and my visit to Gelato Mio workshop last week.
I made the frozen yogurt with double cream this time instead of whipping cream (click here for strawberry frozen yogurt). The whipping cream in my opinion gave a more ice cream like taste and the double cream gave it a creamy mousse taste. Chose whichever you prefer.
This frozen yogurt/mousse is really easy and quick to make. There are only about 3 steps!

Lemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt
300ml double cream or whipping cream
1 jar of lemon curd
1 cup TOTAL Greek Yogurt
generous handful of basil leaves
Lemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt
1. Beat the cream until it becomes thick and creamy using an electric mixer. Fold in the lemon curd by hand.
Lemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt
2. Chop the basil leaves very finely or blitz them in a food processor. Fold them into the mixture.
Lemon and Basil Frozen YogurtLemon and Basil Frozen Yogurt
3. Pour the mixture into a flat bottomed contained and freeze for minimum 2 hours. If frozen overnight thaw for 15 minutes before serving.

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