Food Network UK Doughnut Week

Food Network 001
I was lucky last week to be invited to a Food Network party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of National Doughnut Week. I was really excited because I love doughnuts! I also made Banana Bread Donuts to celebrate at home!

To celebrate Food Network are having a month of doughnuts. There is a doughnut calendar with a different doughnut every day for the month of May.
Food Network 003
There were plenty of doughnuts from Dunn’s Bakery to eat! The sale of a doughnut will benefit The Children’s Trust. There were plenty of Jam Doughnut Cocktails too! Sweet chocolate raspberry drink with a sugar rim.

Food Network 015
MD for the channel Nick giving a speech. Food Network UK is the fourth fastest growing channel on Sky! Pretty impressive since they’ve only been on the air about a year.
Food Network 030
Here’s me trying to eat a doughnut without licking my lips! I managed to do it but it’s not easy! I did end up with jam all over my dress (it came out though)!
Food Network 037
Tristan Welch (head chef at Launceston Place) managed a double decker without licking his lips
Food Network 026
Ainsley Harriott was there. I used to watch Ready, Steady Cook all the time when I was a student.
Food Network 038
Jun Tanaka, frequently on TV in the UK and Executive Chef at The Pearl. I also spotted Eric Lanlard, Ed Baines and Reza Mohammed.
Food Network 007
I managed about three donuts and three cocktails before I was over come with all the sugar!
I had a really great time and everyone was super nice! I also met Abby from The Exquisite Cake Company. She made the doughnuts from the first day on the doughnut calendar.
Here is a video from Food Network UK you tube channel with me trying the doughnut challenge! Eating a doughnut without licking my lips. I’m very briefly here at 8 seconds (making a stupid face) and at 17 seconds.

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